Welcome to Im Sonnenbuehl, a peaceful oasis for culture in the middle of nature.

Unterkunft Im Sonnenbühl


Our B&B is situated in an untouched landscape of a natural reserve on top of the Uetliberg, above Zurich. Our lodging offers a soothing environment to help you regenerate and relax. […]

Healing Arts

Healing Arts

Jacqueline Mannheimer and a team of internationally recognized therapists specialize in a variety of techniques. They offer a wide range of seminars and individual sessions for your well-being. […]

Seminare und Events

Seminar &Events

Harmonizing culture and nature is our goal. Book your next seminar, training session, or any other event with us. Our space allows you to put together your ideas freely. Our team is available to help you with your next event.[…]

Located in Zürich’s car-free natural reserve on top of the Uetliberg