“Institute for Multilevel Communication, Workshop Center,
Top of Zurich with Bed and Breakfast.”

Haus Im Sonnenbühl

Im Sonnenbühl

Above the city of Zurich, situated on top of the Uetliberg, the “Im Sonnenbühl” location offers the perfect ambiance be it exclusive tranquility or lively exchange. You will experience a rich offer of various seminars, workshops and events with us!

“I am part of nature. A piece of this original, irrepressible force which does not ask why it flows, stands, grows, is. To you I belong, to you I come back – in gratitude.”


J. Mannheimer und Tochter


Mother of 2 children, she is the founder and managing director of the Institute of Multi-Level Communication. Through years of pioneer work of the body and awareness training, she has developed a talent. She can identify individual ways to help people find their inner source of strength.

Jacqueline Mannheimer

She works with “People for People”. Her medical training was followed by a Masters degree in classical Ericksonian Hypnosis and modern hypnosis, as well as NLP. In addition, she has received training in bio-dynamic psychology by Beusen and studied at the Humaniversity in Holland. The work and dance of opposites (Facticity), meditation, yoga, integrative full body massage, shiatsu, reflexology, energy work and numerology are central elements of her work. Since 2010 she has been training with Kevin Farrow’s “The Psychology in Accurate Energetic Healing.” Her many years of contact with the shaman Emahó and his work with fire, Jacqueline Mannheimer was able to deepen her view of life.